Koonda Holaa

  a one man band -sometimes accompanied  by many
a Mojave California desert rat that  fattens up his diet of sun half of the year in Toulouse France

His current sound has been branded mystic -noir amerikana or simply psychedelic country / western
but it may well be world music from a world that does not yet exists.

  and actually
            this is  just another faze in his long musical career.

he once traveled the dusty trails with his own (now defunct) Pseudo Pseudo and payed his  dues working with  the Residents, Exene Cervenka of the X, Lydia Lunch, Steve Mackay and Mike Watt – the sax and bass man behind IGGY POP & the Stooges, Uz Jsme Doma, Marshall Allen of SUN RA ARKESTRA , Otto Von Schirach, Slymenstra of GWAR and countless other projects that goes back to the mid 80′ –
        but now

            Koonda Holaa sound is dark
heavy flow at the end of the month
                 orchestrated with a looper and
                   crowned with lyrics
                    whose comedy
                          darkness of its own messenger .


„I přes kousavý sarkasmus textů a projevu uvěříte, že se Koonda Holaa právě vyhrabal z nějakého močálu Mississippi, a hledá i nachází spásu,“